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Bersih 3.0: There Is Still Hope

I am so proud of every single one of us Malaysians who went for Bersih 3.0, especially those of you who went for rally in Malaysia. You were brave. You fought for your beliefs and rights although you were fully aware of the threats with the likes of tear gas, acid water and possible violence. Bravo!

To those who attended Bersih 3.0 London, well done! Despite the horrible weather, which I understand can be very demotivating, you still made it to the Malaysian High Commission to show your support. There are definitely more people this year compared to the last.

So what’s the fuss all about?

Malaysians have so many reasons to be happy with our country: strategic location in SE Asia, free from major natural disasters, plenty of natural resources, beautiful islands and of course, great food. But ask any Malaysian to name one thing which they are most unhappy about, and 8 out of 10 will mention the government.

This has been happening for many years now. We will complain about the government and how they are inefficient, corrupt and biased. And then we will sit back because there is “nothing we can do about it”, or we expect someone else to clean the s***. I thought that things will never change. I mean, what can one person do to help change how a country works?

And then there was Bersih.

Bersih totally changed my perception ever since I first heard about it in 2011. It is indeed heartwarming to see Malaysians, regardless of race and age, come together to fight for the same purpose. Your presence represents the voice of the people and the fact that we are not happy with how the current government operates.

I think this is a huge stepping stone for us as a nation. Some people are still skeptical about Bersih, but I think it is great! It means that instead of complaining, we are taking action and being proactive about fighting for our rights as a citizen.

Many people are discussing about who was right/ wrong regarding a few violent attacks. It is indeed unfortunate that there were deaths in the supposedly peaceful rally. I am sincerely sad for their families. But I don’t think it should be a police-vs-protesters scenario, because we are ultimately one nation, and it should be more of a police-and-protesters relationship. Let’s not be discouraged or lose our calm, let’s focus on the bigger picture.

Do I think that Bersih will get their demands? I am hopeful. But what I do know for sure is that it will work. Change might not happen tomorrow or the next year, but change will happen, slowly but surely. Bersih also ignites the patriotism within us, and with more public awareness, transparency will have to follow.

Every little action helps. My simple act of sharing the Bersih 3.0 link on Facebook made a few friends aware of the event, and they will then share with their friends, creating a monopoly effect.

I love Malaysia, it is where I grew up after all, a place where I call home. It is like having a partner, sometimes you have to see past the imperfections and appreciate the positives. Of course many things (such as public transportation) can be improved, but this will come as the nation advances.

And from what I can tell from the recent events, there is still hope for Malaysia to be a peaceful multiracial country, a country which is rich and efficient with happy and contented citizens.

United we stand!


To quote Wiki, the Bersih’s immediate demands were:

1. Clean the electoral roll
2. Reform postal voting
3. Use of indelible ink
4. A minimum campaign period of 21 days
5. Free and fair access to mainstream media
6. Strengthen public institutions
7. Stop corruption
8. Stop dirty politics

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