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Thank you, 2013!

A friend of mine, very recently, asked me to create an entry for 2013.. “Why not?” he said. “If this year is any good at all, you should write it all down.” (forgot the exact words, this was my impression of our conversation). He is also the same person whom encouraged me to update my blog, hence the one-off post in November 2012. I have, in truth, forgotten about this blog. Well, I guess it deserves at least an entry this year.

2013 has been a great year for me! It has not been smooth sailing, as you will read later, but it’s as good as it gets. Nothing I would change at all.

January 2013

I always tell people that I don’t regret coming back to Msia, and I still don’t. The most impressionable memory this month is work related. My colleagues and I did well enough in our pseudo portfolios and were given the opportunity to manage our own funds! Yay! I remember feeling unsure (was I up for this?) yet excited (hell yeah I can do it!). The journey started off rocky, and while I’m sure it wasn’t that bad all the time, all I will remember is feeling the pressure. The funds were not doing well; some counters did not move, some large positions we had fell a hell lot in the new year: it was pretty intense, getting pressure from the top and whatnots. Maybe most of it was also self inflicted, for I had expected to do at least okay at first.

My boss was extremely reassuring, and that helped a lot. “If you as an inexperienced young ciku can do so well, then other more experienced fund managers would have lost their jobs already.” So, slowly and patiently, I started learning about more companies, reading more charts and then reshuffle my portfolio accordingly. By March, our funds were in a better shape, thank goodness!

May 2013

I joined my first fitness club, Celebrity Fitness! My girlfriend’s bf found a better job in Spore so I inherited his all-club pass at an awesomely low corporate rate. I am now a gym junkie who enjoys the BodyPump and BodyCombat combo. Exercising is part of my lifestyle now, and I love the mental and physical effects it brings!

June 2013

I was pretty lifeless studying for my CFA Level 2 in first half of the year. What made studying bearable (and a success) was my study partner! The more I discussed things with him, the more I dont know. I would say that it was the perfect partnership though: me for instilling discipline (or so he says) and him for being a smartass. Hours and hours spent learning and studying the CFA materials were no fun. We studied after work, studied during the weekends, studied during public holidays.. But I believe it will all be worth it in the end.

July 2013

My sister is finally graduating! My lil sis is all grown up πŸ™‚ We had organised a family trip to London and Iceland. Going back to London brought back some memories, but I am surprised that I don’t miss it one bit! Had a good time meeting friends and ex-colleagues though. Iceland was beautiful! Had a major heated argument (once-in-5-years type) with my mom post the trip, but we sorted things out quickly. I love you mummy!

August 2013

Mid year was a time of turmoil for me. Relationship issues are the culprit this time. I was so caught up with the whole thing that I didn’t even realised how much it bothered me until I look back and reflect. I have never felt so torn and confused before.

Would I want to go back and replay? No, because of the people I hurt. But I truly believe that things do happen for a reason.

September 2013

I turn 25 this year! Celebrated my birthday with family, then with friends at Heli Lounge Pad.. and went for an amazing birthday trip to a beach at Kuantan. I don’t think I could have asked for anything more, really!

After being in a complicated status for a while, WY and I became an official couple. This was a milestone, considering we have been on and off for a while. I always say, “It’s either we are truly in love, or we are plain stupid because we never learn.”

December 2013

The major, major thing for the past month is having my bf back in Malaysia. From college (2007) till now (2013), we have never been in the same country. The fact that he decided to come back for these 2 months means a lot to me. I realised how much he loves me, in his own way and from all the things he does. I also realised he is a gem to me, as much as I am a gem to him. We are as similar as we are different. Ironically, we also just had a minor disagreement today which is why I can’t sleep which is also the sudden inspiration for this blog post.


Well, this pretty much sums up my year in 2013. Exciting? I wish. I have only gone clubbing once or twice this year.

Another inspiration for me writing this post is you!! If you are bothered enough to read this, you are probably involved enough in my life. Thank you so much for being part of my life this year, and I certainly hope we will continue to chat/text/update/meet each other in the future.

A few people deserve special mention, some will remain anonymous but you know who you are πŸ™‚ This is something that is always in my heart yet are words that hardly leaves my mouth:

  • Thank you,Β Daddy and Mummy for bringing me up, for loving me and for teaching me wrong from right. If you take a while to think about it, it might be shocking to realise that your daughter is already 25! Thank you for your attention, care and advice when I needed them most. I love you both so much.
  • Thank you Elaine for being the only sister I wish to have. I am so proud of what you have achieved this far, keep it up! I truly miss having you around, it’s never really the same being in different countries ya? Keep us updated with your life and post more pictures. Love you!
  • Thank you Bro for your continuous support and wisdom. You have been through the ups and down with me, being my friend as well as my guide. You have been a blessing, I will go as far to say that!
  • Thank you to my girlfriends (Msia and London) for the happy times we shared. There is never an awkward time to take pictures, nor do we need a real reason to dress up! Thank you for listening to my problems and offering solutions. It’s difficult to find someone whom you really trust nowadays, and I’m glad I found a friend in you!
  • Thank you to my Communicator buddy. You made work way more interesting than it already is, and before you start taking any credit, I’m sure the feeling is mutual lol. It’s funny how friendship can be reconnected. Thank you for always being there when I needed to talk. The only way I can compensate by finding you a chick!
  • Thank you to the one who showed me how thoughtful and sensitive a person can be. I believe that your partner will be super lucky to have you!

And last but not least,

  • Thank you to my dear boyfriend who stuck it through thick and thin with me. You are my pillar of strength and confidence. I believe we complement each other well, as you do. After years of knowing and being with each other, it’s like we’re meant to be.

Enough with all the sappy stuff. Interesting fact: According to the WordPress stats, my site has about 11k views! Wooh! Top searches were “Giant rabbit”/”German rabbit” in relation to a post I wrote in 2012. LoooooL!

Have a good New Years everyone! πŸ™‚



Back Home

My attention was brought to this neglected blog recently, and it has been so long since I’ve last looked at it that I forgot the things written here. I was pleasantly surprised at how I have expressed myself in the older posts, and it’s also nice reminiscing the things that had happened in the past year.

Hence the decision to keep this blog alive, for future references πŸ™‚ I am also amused about the constant (not a lot) stream of hits despite me not updating for the longest time. Another inspiration to keep it going.

I made a life changing decision recently, and that was to return to Malaysia after 5 years in London. I know I say this a lot, but I really love it here and I think that this is one of the best decisions that I have made in my life. I wonder why though as it wasn’t like I hated London or anything. I still think it’s the cold over there. How liberating it is to walk around with just shorts, a tank top and slippers! Ahhh..

I have also landed myself a new job, one which I get to meet new people and learn a whole new spectrum of things in addition to exploring restaurants and visiting places. So far, so very good πŸ™‚

As one chapter of my life closes, another one awaits..

Here are some pictures from Shangri La Rasa Ria Resort during my recent trip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah that I’d like to share with you. We Malaysians have a lot to be grateful for!


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Happy Father’s Day

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I love my daddy very much. Hence I cooked him a 3-course meal with love and got him 5 pink roses for Father’s Day πŸ™‚ Sis got him a personalized iPhone cover.

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I Love You Mummy

To my mother:

Though I only declare my love once a year,
how deep it runs you should be clear;
Every time you need me near,
I promise to be there for you, don’t fear.

They say that being a mother
is not for the faint hearted;
No request from your child is a bother
regardless of how far away we have parted.

You keep your little ones close and tight,
yet you let go when the time is right;
And even though we are no longer little,
you make sure that we don’t do anything irrational.

You are the anchor in my life:
I’m not sure what I’ll do,
without you gently steering me though
the plentiful crossroads in life.

Thank you mummy for being an awesome mother,
with all your tender loving care;
Every day I strive to be better,
So that I too can give what you unselfishly share.

Much love,
Your daughter


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Bersih 3.0: There Is Still Hope

I am so proud of every single one of us Malaysians who went for Bersih 3.0, especially those of you who went for rally in Malaysia. You were brave. You fought for your beliefs and rights although you were fully aware of the threats with the likes of tear gas, acid water and possible violence. Bravo!

To those who attended Bersih 3.0 London, well done! Despite the horrible weather, which I understand can be very demotivating, you still made it to the Malaysian High Commission to show your support. There are definitely more people this year compared to the last.

So what’s the fuss all about?

Malaysians have so many reasons to be happy with our country: strategic location in SE Asia, free from major natural disasters, plenty of natural resources, beautiful islands and of course, great food. But ask any Malaysian to name one thing which they are most unhappy about, and 8 out of 10 will mention the government.

This has been happening for many years now. We will complain about the government and how they are inefficient, corrupt and biased. And then we will sit back because there is “nothing we can do about it”, or we expect someone else to clean the s***. I thought that things will never change. I mean, what can one person do to help change how a country works?

And then there was Bersih.

Bersih totally changed my perception ever since I first heard about it in 2011. It is indeed heartwarming to see Malaysians, regardless of race and age, come together to fight for the same purpose. Your presence represents the voice of the people and the fact that we are not happy with how the current government operates.

I think this is a huge stepping stone for us as a nation. Some people are still skeptical about Bersih, but I think it is great! It means that instead of complaining, we are taking action and being proactive about fighting for our rights as a citizen.

Many people are discussing about who was right/ wrong regarding a few violent attacks. It is indeed unfortunate that there were deaths in the supposedly peaceful rally. I am sincerely sad for their families. But I don’t think it should be a police-vs-protesters scenario, because we are ultimately one nation, and it should be more of a police-and-protesters relationship. Let’s not be discouraged or lose our calm, let’s focus on the bigger picture.

Do I think that Bersih will get their demands? I am hopeful. But what I do know for sure is that it will work. Change might not happen tomorrow or the next year, but change will happen, slowly but surely. Bersih also ignites the patriotism within us, and with more public awareness, transparency will have to follow.

Every little action helps. My simple act of sharing the Bersih 3.0 link on Facebook made a few friends aware of the event, and they will then share with their friends, creating a monopoly effect.

I love Malaysia, it is where I grew up after all, a place where I call home. It is like having a partner, sometimes you have to see past the imperfections and appreciate the positives. Of course many things (such as public transportation) can be improved, but this will come as the nation advances.

And from what I can tell from the recent events, there is still hope for Malaysia to be a peaceful multiracial country, a country which is rich and efficient with happy and contented citizens.

United we stand!


To quote Wiki, the Bersih’s immediate demands were:

1. Clean the electoral roll
2. Reform postal voting
3. Use of indelible ink
4. A minimum campaign period of 21 days
5. Free and fair access to mainstream media
6. Strengthen public institutions
7. Stop corruption
8. Stop dirty politics

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Girl’s Brunch @ The Montagu, Hyatt Regency

Although we live together, we hardly get time to properly catch up due to work, study and bf. Hence, my housemates and I decided to go for a nice lunch together. It was a good sharing session πŸ™‚

Food wise..

The bread there was pretty good. They served a small loaf with raisins in it, which tasted pretty homemade but I asked for another plain one so that I can have my usual butter combo. The crust was slightly crispy, and it was soft and a bit chewy on the inside, super yums with butter! I think I’m the only one who is so crazy over bread and butter, so forgive me!

My starter (scallop mousse and prawn) looks fancy, but it was alright. I had lamb chop for mains (they came in 2 small pieces and were okay- not as good as the lamb shank I had the first time). Hui Ying had chicken while Suki had hake; we all have different tastes!

The dessert certainly saved the day- I had the strawberry tart in fresh cream with ice cream! It was light and refreshing, perfect to finish the meal!

In general, I was very happy with the toptable deal (3 courses + half a bottle of wine for 21 pounds), service was good and polite. I liked the atmosphere as it was pretty chilled.

Some pictures! You can see that I have turned quite red very quickly from the wine.

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After lunch, went shopping for a few hours before heading to Maria’s pre-bd session at Guanabara. It’s been ages since I have been there and the place was super lively!

One thing I have noticed today (disclaimer: this is not from our lunch session), is that everyone has their own problems. You might not see or know about it, but it’s there, and it exist in various shapes and forms. So if you ever feel down/ think that your life sucks due to x problems and issues, just know that the rest of the world is with you on this! πŸ™‚

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I fully agree with the above quote! I predict that sometime in the near future, girls with some abs and muscles will be more appealing in general.

And why do I say that? It’s all in social perception. For example, way back in China, plump ladies are deemed attractive because it signifies wealth and prosperity as they have more than enough food to go by while the other 90% of the population live in hunger. In the western world back in the 60’s, an attractive lady would need to have curves: big boobs and butt, noticeable hips and small waist.

Fast-forward to 2000, social media has morphed the image of a perfect woman to have long, slim arms and legs with a flat tummy. Obviously boobs and butt are added advantages, more so the former.

However, people are more health conscious now. People are more aware of the fact that with all the stress, pollution, sedentary lifestyle and food additives that we are exposed to, we need to counterbalance these negatives by exercising, doing yoga, having a balanced diet etc. There are so many gym outlets popping up, and they are always full!

So the way I see it, a few more years into the future, I foresee a trend of people yearning to be more healthy hence the fit appeal. In with the firm, out with the flabs!

But what do I know? Maybe I just somewhat biased because:

i) I am not skinny
ii) I am more fit than skinny

Teehee πŸ˜‰

When Fit Is The New Skinny

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It Rains When You’re Here, and It Rains When You’re Gone

Skiing at Chamonix, Mont Blanc

I just came back from an awesome 4 day ski trip in Chamonix. It was great, magnificent and all the positive adjectives you can think of. We headed to Geneva airport on Wednesday night and came back to London Sunday night, so we had 3 full days and 1 half day of skiing worth. Now my whole body is aching, from my biceps to triceps to back to gluts to butt to shins to feet. Skiing is intense πŸ™‚

Some pictures with captions below, enjoy!

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A few thoughts from my trip:

1) Skiing is a risky sport.
I have had quite a few epic falls (as epic as the mountain views) which involves falling down non stop through half a black slope on Day 1 and falling off a platter lift off a steep slope on Day 2. It was so epic that someone even recognized me later that day and said with my fall I could have been onΒ  TV. Sounds funny when I recall it now, but the falls were at least 150m, so it was definitely scary when you can’t stop the fall.

2) Have faith and it will all turn out fine.
I felt that I had some bad luck at the beginning of the trip, misplacing my wallet containing cash, ID, train tickets etc (but not my passport hence I could still fly out of UK) + all the crazy falls. In the end, I just became more careful when skiing. And some kind soul passed my wallet to the Lost and Found counter, so I am very thankful that I am safe, and that I found my stuff.

3) I know nice people.
Friends who would help you when you need it are friends you should appreciate and keep.

4) It is fun to do something out of the norm.
I learnt some dance moves from the UCPA crew, spoke to some people from the UK, France, Belgium, Italy.. It’s definitely an eye opener speaking to different people from various countries!


For those interested in skiing: We went with UCPA, its the place to go if you want an all-inclusive, no hassle and simple trip. The package at about 280 pounds includes 3 meals per day, accomodation, ski equipments and ski pass to Le Tour, Les Grande Montets and Brevant (perfect for 3/4 days). So total trip inclusive of flight, transfers etc would be 500-550 pounds.. It’s definitely more worth it if you go for a 1 week long ski trip which should amount to 700 pounds inclusive of classes as well!

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Feelings & Music Aligned

How do you express your feelings? When you are happy, excited, sad, disappointed- do you let the whole world see it all, or would you keep it to yourself?

Whatever it is you are feeling, there are all types of music to match your mood and what you’d like to express. Say you want to shake your booty in a club, or declare your love to someone, or when you need some motivation, or maybe something to exercise to in the gym..

We might be complaining that the quality of songs produced have been deteriorating by the years, but one should never undermine the role that music plays in our life. It is one of the main channels of our emotions. Hence my little music appreciation post πŸ™‚

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