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Oh, the irony!

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I Love You Mummy

To my mother:

Though I only declare my love once a year,
how deep it runs you should be clear;
Every time you need me near,
I promise to be there for you, don’t fear.

They say that being a mother
is not for the faint hearted;
No request from your child is a bother
regardless of how far away we have parted.

You keep your little ones close and tight,
yet you let go when the time is right;
And even though we are no longer little,
you make sure that we don’t do anything irrational.

You are the anchor in my life:
I’m not sure what I’ll do,
without you gently steering me though
the plentiful crossroads in life.

Thank you mummy for being an awesome mother,
with all your tender loving care;
Every day I strive to be better,
So that I too can give what you unselfishly share.

Much love,
Your daughter


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Far Away

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Win Win


I think besides reaching an orgasm/scratching an itch/free falling, one of the best feelings in the world has gotta be.. wait for it.









Hell yeah!

I must sound like such a geek, but I’m sure you had a time when an issue which has been bugging you and is at the back of your mind all the time, just waiting to explode.. and then…








You found a solution!

Not just any solution, but a solution which benefits both you and another party!! That’s just great, it’s like by solving your problem you have solved another problem!

Happy times.

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