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I don’t believe it

I had a dream. I dreamt that I had a choice between a tall, nice, good looking and patient guy (yummy, aka perfect guy) whom I recently met and who carries me around (ignore this weird part of the dream).. and Wy. I chose Wy in the end.

That did not just happened!!! Turkey make u dream weird things.


Chez Bruce

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I have heard good things about Chez Bruce, and I have not had French food in a while, so I was definitely looking forward to try this Michelin starred restaurant with the bf.

An interesting observation about this place is that they only serve in 3 courses instead of giving you the choice of dining ala carte. They update their menu daily, though I am not sure if they change all of the choices. For lunch, the set would range from £27-35 per person while dinner goes up to £45 pp. With Toptable you get 3 courses for £25, but the catch is that the deal is only available Mon-Wed. It was packed with the upper working class that Wednesday afternoon, I wonder where they came from as it was quite far from the city in Zone 2/3.

The food certainly did not disappoint, even the bf who does not usually enjoy such restaurants praised the quality and taste of the food.

These were what we had, I’d recommend all of them equally (I thought the cod was a tad bland, but wy liked it):


YV- Foie Gras & Chicken Liver Parfait  (I enjoyed it as much as Heston Blumenthal’s meat fruit) WY- Buckwheat pappardalle with braised hare (Very unique taste and juicy meat)


YV- Beef bourguignon (One of the better ones I have tasted) WY- Roast Cod with Olive Oil Mash (Well, I liked the crispy skin)


YV- Tarte Tatin (All desserts should taste as heavenly and sweet as this) WY- Mont Blanc (Again a very unique dish which is best to be tried yourself)

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I’m not sure why..

..I am so awake at 2am after hitting the gym earlier. This is only my 4th time at the gym in 3 weeks, I have never been so slack before.  This only proves my theory that exercise leaves you energized and healthy!

I’m not sure why I bought a bright red heels for work. Kurt Geiger FTW: £20 off a £50 purchase, grab it now! Code still works as of 20 Dec 2011: KGWELCOME10.

And I’m not sure why I blogged 3 times in a row. Maybe it’s a withdrawal symptom? Time to shut my eyes now.

2 interesting findings when reading about Kim Jong-il

1) To overcome shortage in food supply, NK apparently imports giant rabbits from Germany. I saw this in an email before thinking that it was photoshopped but it is REAL! One rabbit can feed about 8 men.

2) Forgive my ignorance, but it is normal to mourn so deeply for your beloved leader? Yes some tears maybe but the loud cries from the video surprised me quite a bit.

Watch this: Kim Jong-il’s Death

Christmas is near!

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Tis’ the Christmas season, hohoho. While CNY is the biggest event of the year for us Malaysians, Christmas and New Year is the most widely celebrated festive season in the UK.

Last Saturday, the boy and I were invited to a Mini Xmas party held by Maria who works with me at JPM. It was at her crib that I tasted the yummy ham/turkey sandwich with stuffing and cranberry sauce. Turkey and ham were roasted for 4 hours each, yummers!

Then we headed to Yong Boon’s place for a Xmas house party. Passed by a pretty Xmas tree in Park Plaza Hotel. Too bad his place is too far out so we had to leave earlier to catch the train home. The bf and I snuggled up to a movie after that ❤

We also had Secret Santa in the office. Truth be told this is the first time that I have participated in Secret Santa, it is indeed very satisfying to know when someone likes and appreciates your present! 🙂

Careful when a girl is quiet

Who Says That Men Can Park Better?

Parallel parking at its best.


Gaucho, Piccadilly

It was the boyfriend’s 23rd birthday last Sunday, and since he loves steak I thought it’d be nice to try out a popular Argentinian steakhouse called Gaucho (Piccadilly branch since it spans 4 floors).

My first impression of the restaurant was that it was rather posh. They certainly went all out in terms of decor, with intricate interior and cow furs on the wall. It was also dimly lit with chandeliers, so you get that romantic feel although it was in the afternoon.

Every customer will be served these amazing cheese buns called Pao de Queijo. It was soft, warm and cheesy, so good that we asked for a second helping! Also had the sausage platter which consisted of 4 types of sausages for £20- quite good but overpriced. £5 for a piece of sausage is nearly a con job, maybe that is how they financed their interior designs.

For mains, we decided on medium raw Rib Eye and Sirloin (in that order in the slideshow). The Rib Eye was definitely more tasty, but it was also more fatty as well. Daniel also chose this red wine -Colome Terruno- to go with our meat which I thought was pretty good. And later I found out why: it was £50 per bottle!! Totally did not realize this until I had another look at the bill at home.

All in all, a good lunch with good company. I also made a successful Oreo Cheesecake (taste wise, still more work to be done in terms of presentation) as dessert for the boy. If you are a steak lover, I would suggest that you stick to Hawksmoor. Gaucho is above average but it is still not as good as Hawksmoor imho in terms of flavor and cut. Both does equal damage to the wallet so be warned. It’s been a while since I had Goodman, but the last time I remember my Rib Eye being too fatty as well for my liking!

Now some pictures!

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How can the same person make you feel both so fgood and so ffrustrated within a few hours?


Is it possible?

Inner Fangirl Unleashed- Rurouni Kenshin!!

I spent a good 2 years of my teenage life obsessing over animes and mangas. I clearly remember my sister and I being introduced to Gravitation by our cousin Oi Leng, and that is followed by Fruit Basket. And the rest, they say, is history.

Samurai X was one of the classic mangas of all times, along the likes of Slam Dunk and Naruto. And I loved it so much that I bought all the comic books (28 in total).

And now, after 5634236 years from publishing the last book, they have decided to adapt it to a movie. So just wanted to share the exciting news! 🙂

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