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Bye, Level 4!

So last night I had the final lesson of my Level 4 Pole course! What can I say, it was fun! The night was all about routines and a recap of what we have learnt in the past 5 weeks (3 weeks for me as I missed the first 2 classes).

The thing I love about pole classes are the people. Everyone is fun, cool, chilled out and most importantly, supportive of each other.

Some moves from the night. It takes skill to take a good shot too!

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My first pole freestyle ever. Loads to improve on but it’s a start 🙂

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When one journey ends, another continues..

Hello all!

9 years ago, I started my first blog. And then I created my second blog in high school through college. They were both meant to share details of my life and consist mainly of social outings and the ups and downs of my relationship.

A few years down the road, a new journey awaits. I have completed high school, graduated from university and started my first job at a financial institution. Now I realized that my priorities have changed, my interests have multiplied and my lifestyle has been tamed down massively. I’m young, I’m ambitious, but I think I lose focus easily due to all these crazy ideas that I have.

Hence, this blog has been set up to be my source of focus; it will be divided into 4 sections: Food, Investment, Pole and Life.

Let the fun begin!

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