Girls just wanna have some fun

I missed my train to Coventry, Warwick on Saturday. I bought the ticket for 7.20am and woke up at 7.10am. Eff. I was out drinking with my team at The Class Rooms till late on Friday and had to do my laundry when I got back. So I slept at 3.30am and set 2 alarms for 6.00am.

Smart, I know. Next time I’ll set 3.

I have unwillingly donated 20 pounds to Virgin (which probably used it to fund their expansion to the banking industry) and was not prepared to pay any more. So I slept in. The entire Saturday. Some might think it is a waste of time, but what joy it was to me, drifting in and out of sleep.

My sis came to London on Sunday and we spent some time doing girly things together: in the Tee family, these consist of eating, camwhoring and more eating. Elaine wanted “something nice”, but have no clue on what to eat when pressed further. So I suggested Atari-ya at Bond Street, and we could do some shopping after.

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  • Atari-ya never disappoints, especially their Salmon and Avocado roll. We had 3 sets of sashimi!
  • Dragon roll. Eating it gracefully is a difficult task, I wouldn’t suggest this when on a date!
  • We had a 5 min makeover thing at Bodyshop by a lovely girl called Yesmi. Loved how she did our eyes!
  • Camwhoring/ sis bonding time. Not gonna spoil the fun by telling you where.

All in all, a Sunday well spent. Same goes for my bank balance!

Now, time to study some financial statements-I have chosen Virgin because:

  1. They have branched out to the banking sector recently and
  2. Tony Fernandez (a Malaysian entrepreneur who made a 180 degree change in AirAsia) has worked with Richard Branson before, hence the personal interest.

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