Baking and Clubbing

I have been wanting to try out another round of baking, the last time I tried to bake a cake, it came out brownie-like as I added twice the amount of chocolate. But thank goodness it turned out ok 🙂

Since Daniel’s birthday is coming up, I have decided to give it another go. And being me, I chose something unconventional: coffee cake with coffee cream icing! Halfway through I regretted and wondered why I didn’t choose a safer option. But the birthday boy liked it (or so he claimed) so I will take his word for it, for now.

Digression: You know how when one is really bad at something, but yet other people insists that he is doing a good job (although in their mind its the exact opposite) and this person believes them and continues to do it and by that time its too late for the other people to pull back their words? I probably just don’t want that person to be me, in the baking department.

Anyways, baking is not as easy as I thought. I am never an accurate person; when they say put 150g of butter I will put 175g just because I think that butter is the secret to a yummy cake! Or I will add 150g of sugar instead of 200g per the recipe as surely it’d be too unhealthy to consume that much sugar (oh the irony, yes I know!) So Tsuki, my flatmate scared me the other day saying that you have to be totally accurate when baking. Time to follow instructions, Yvonne!

So that was my Saturday, spent the afternoon in baking and the night out clubbing at Sway.

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1: The final product! Glad I did not give up halfway.

2: I attempted to bake some Ben’s cookie too! But it turned out too bad to be given as a pressie haha.

3: Girlfriend and I

4: The boys, BD boy in the middle

5: Me and my cake 🙂


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