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Butt Shapes: Which would you like? :)



















What’s the diff between Hot Tamale, Bumper and Amazon? They look the same to me!!!


Sushi Whore: the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach

Fact: I am a huge fan of Japanese food, especially salmon. Imagine my delight when I found out about Rob’s sushi making capabilities; of course, I then seized the opportunity (and talent!) to organize a sushi party. Decided to have a small one at mine at last due to unavailability of bigger locations.

It was, wait for it…. awesome!-I’ll let the pictures be the judge! We had fresh salmon, soft shell crab and prawns from Billingsgate Market, and Rob skillfully transformed these into hand-rolls, battered prawns, battered chicken etc. Not forgetting his specialty- Dill Salmon. It’s basically raw salmon marinated and self cooked in vinegar, then seasoned to taste with various sauces.

To all the single ladies out there, Robert is single, available and ready to mingle. The situation has been reversed- the way to a WOman’s heart is through her stomach πŸ™‚

No doubt all of us had a great meal, thank you Robert!!

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you’d think i was cooking for an army

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Wednesday, Thursday and Friday lunch settled. I am a lazy cook, so I made 3 lunches at a go.

Who cares about garlic? Too much work.

The Yvonne’s-as-easy-as-possible-dishes are:

  • Turkey breast, cupped mushrooms, egg and carrot fried with chilli oil, white pepper and soy sauce with rice
  • The same ingredients as above minus egg, fried with 3 types of curry powder + herbs with rice

Easy right!

girl power


Girls just wanna have some fun

I missed my train to Coventry, Warwick on Saturday. I bought the ticket for 7.20am and woke up at 7.10am. Eff. I was out drinking with my team at The Class Rooms till late on Friday and had to do my laundry when I got back. So I slept at 3.30am and set 2 alarms for 6.00am.

Smart, I know. Next time I’ll set 3.

I have unwillingly donated 20 pounds to Virgin (which probably used it to fund their expansion to the banking industry) and was not prepared to pay any more. So I slept in. The entire Saturday. Some might think it is a waste of time, but what joy it was to me, drifting in and out of sleep.

My sis came to London on Sunday and we spent some time doing girly things together: in the Tee family, these consist of eating, camwhoring and more eating. Elaine wanted “something nice”, but have no clue on what to eat when pressed further. So I suggested Atari-ya at Bond Street, and we could do some shopping after.

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  • Atari-ya never disappoints, especially their Salmon and Avocado roll. We had 3 sets of sashimi!
  • Dragon roll. Eating it gracefully is a difficult task, I wouldn’t suggest this when on a date!
  • We had a 5 min makeover thing at Bodyshop by a lovely girl called Yesmi. Loved how she did our eyes!
  • Camwhoring/ sis bonding time. Not gonna spoil the fun by telling you where.

All in all, a Sunday well spent. Same goes for my bank balance!

Now, time to study some financial statements-I have chosen Virgin because:

  1. They have branched out to the banking sector recently and
  2. Tony Fernandez (a Malaysian entrepreneur who made a 180 degree change in AirAsia) has worked with Richard Branson before, hence the personal interest.

Baby Steps

Investing, that sounds scary. For someone who has justΒ  joined the workforce, sacrificing 500 pounds to invest can be quite intimidating. But I know I’m feeling that way because I do not have the sufficient knowledge in this area yet.

20,000 pounds goal by Sept 2014. Am I kidding myself? But when there’s a will, there’s a way.

There are various financial products in the markets, for eg: equities, bonds, mutual funds, indices, ETFs. For those who wants a higher leverage, you can have a go at CFD (contract for differences) and forex trading. Of course, higher returns come with higher risk for the latter.

I have chosen to focus on equities (aka stock of a company) for now. In simple terms, if you are invested in 1 stock of company A (which has a total outstanding stock of 100), you own 1% of the company. If you bought that stock for $1, and it has risen to $1.50, you have made 50% profit on your investment; if the price drops to $0.50, you make a loss of 50%.

There are 2 types of stocks: large cap and small cap. The higher the market capitalization rate, the more steady the firm is, hence less risk involved which leads to less returns. I have decided to invest in small cap firms which usually outperforms the large cap ones due to higher risk, and in order to minimize that risk I will have to perform some analysis. Small cap firms also have less coverage from research analysts, hence the higher chance of an arbitrage.

There are 2 types of analysis: fundamental and technical. Fundamental believers analyze a company based on financial figures such as P/E ratio and EPS, while technical analysts look at charts to determine the market trend. I believe in 70% fundamental analysis and 30% technical, so my next goal is to look at a company’s financial statements.

Anticlimax: That will have to be done another day as it’s getting late.

Do you only have $20-1000 but want to invest anyways? Here is a (somewhat) useful page for you then:

Ok sleeping time! πŸ™‚

Disclaimer: I am but a beginner in this treacherous world of finance, constructive feedback are highly welcomed if you see any mistakes/ misconceptions in my posts.

Illuminati: The Few who Controls Us All (?)

Who says Facebook can’t be educational?

So I saw this status update by a friend about how the video games, pharmaceutical firms, film industry, banks and governments are controlled by the same people. It is the first time I have heard of such a theory; I mean, I don’t see the connection between games and banks at all. I was so curious that I Googled it straightaway.

What I found out was just… crazy. I guess you have to be open minded about these kind of things and read it without passing judgement first, then decide if you think it contains some truth or its complete BS.

So what is the Illuminati? From the few materials that I have read, it is about 13 families which are in control of the world. Yes, through games, banks and governments etc. These families dates back to several centuries ago, and are only passed onto the male heir. So you can’t join the Illuminati, you have to be born into these families as they keep their bloodlines pure. So these families are secretly powerful and influential, they use films to control what we think and governments to control the economy.

Sounds like what you would read in a storybook isn’t it?

One of my friends say the person who came up with this had too much time on his hands, while another totally agree with this idealogy. IMHO, this is an interesting read and discovery, but I won’t dismiss it by saying that it is BS.

A very good introduction about it can be found here:

The Illuminati have “six disciplines of training” within their Family. These are:

1. Military
2. Government
3. Spiritual
4. Scholarship
5. Leadership
6. Science

So here are the names of the 13 families – the Secret GovernmentΒ 

1. Astor
2. Bundy
3. Collins
4. DuPont
5. Freeman
6. Kennedy
7. Li (Chinese)
8. Onassis
9. Rockefeller
10. Rothschild
11. Russell
12. van Duyn
13. Merovingian (European Royal Families)

So what do you think?

Baking and Clubbing

I have been wanting to try out another round of baking, the last time I tried to bake a cake, it came out brownie-like as I added twice the amount of chocolate. But thank goodness it turned out ok πŸ™‚

Since Daniel’s birthday is coming up, I have decided to give it another go. And being me, I chose something unconventional: coffee cake with coffee cream icing! Halfway through I regretted and wondered why I didn’t choose a safer option. But the birthday boy liked it (or so he claimed) so I will take his word for it, for now.

Digression: You know how when one is really bad at something, but yet other people insists that he is doing a good job (although in their mind its the exact opposite) and this person believes them and continues to do it and by that time its too late for the other people to pull back their words? I probably just don’t want that person to be me, in the baking department.

Anyways, baking is not as easy as I thought. I am never an accurate person; when they say put 150g of butter I will put 175g just because I think that butter is the secret to a yummy cake! Or I will add 150g of sugar instead of 200g per the recipe as surely it’d be too unhealthy to consume that much sugar (oh the irony, yes I know!) So Tsuki, my flatmate scared me the other day saying that you have to be totally accurate when baking. Time to follow instructions, Yvonne!

So that was my Saturday, spent the afternoon in baking and the night out clubbing at Sway.

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1: The final product! Glad I did not give up halfway.

2: I attempted to bake some Ben’s cookie too! But it turned out too bad to be given as a pressie haha.

3: Girlfriend and I

4: The boys, BD boy in the middle

5: Me and my cake πŸ™‚

My (Feeble) Attempt at Creating A Routine

I was never really good at drawing…..


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